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7/18/16 - Getting back up to speed

Yo! Just popping in to let you know that I am aware of the not so perfect photo quality in the last few sets, and I'm actively looking to improve it! When we last moved locations, I somehow lost my best camera and some of the lighting equipment that went along with it (we think it was stolen, but hard to say for sure), but I didn't want to stop taking photos for you, so I've been doing what I can. Unfortunately, I am not in a financial position to buy the equipment I had previously yet, but it will be something I'm working towards ASAP. Please continue to support the girls in footpunkz, and I will do my best to get back up to speed with the highest caliber of photo quality I can soon! In the meantime, even with lower lighting, these girls have been giving us some great content, so please enjoy the sets either way!