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03/01/15 - Classic footpunkz are back! New footpunkz are here!

Its been a hectic few months for me, but I will never stop keeping these beautiful footpunkz comin' in! As you guys might have noticed, Carly is back! I had to pull her content down before, but I will slowly be placing it back up for you all. Andddd..Rosie is back! She was out of the state for a few years but will be making trips down here once a month, so hopefully I can grab some content each time. In other news, we have a lovely little lady joining us on the site, Hexie. Extremely pretty, and petite as can be. Make sure you check out her content! Also, I hope you've taken the time to check out our newest model, Azalea Vee, because she is a real gem. I met her a year ago, and when I was fortunate enough to meet her in person a few weeks ago, I was blown away by her feet. Not only are her feet perfect, but she is super gorgeous, and just all around and awesome gal. With these 4 gals, in addition to our other new footpunk, VivaRose, no one should hesitate to check out the full site! Tons of new content every week, new models as often as I can get them, and 10's of thousands of pictures dating back over 3 years for just 20 bucks. Help me keep footpunkz alive, and join up! The support keeps us going. 'til next time!

12/12/14 - Checking in!

Staying busy, as usual, so I apologize for the lack of news updates, but the content stays flowing! I've been taking some time to bring models down to do shoots with, and my first evidence of that is with our beautiful new model, VivaRose. Not much to say about her except that she's pretty much perfect from head to toe, and you should definitely take the time to check her out. I have other models lined up, and I plan on putting together an old fashion multi-model footpunkz shoot soon, so be on the lookout! As always, thank you guys so much for the support and helping us stay together. If you do check out the site on the regular, and you aren't signed up, it would mean the world to me if you about joined up! It really does help. Keep 'em coming, so I can keep these beauties coming! 'Til next time.

10/13/14 - New Models & Pics Galore!

Its hard for me to keep up with journal posts while getting you as much foot content as possible, but I'll make due! It's been a while, but I hope you guys have been enjoying our new models Skylar and Cynthia. These 2 girls have been keeping me busy, and I'm sure you are all okay with it! If you're on the fence about joining, now is the time! Now that I got a new lineup of lovely footpunkz models forming, the pace of our updates are slowly increasing, and I'll do my best to keep them coming just as often as possible. I will also do my best to get back to every e-mail I've recieved. If you don't get a response, please send it again, as some of my e-mails have seemed to be getting lost. If you have any comments/suggestions for the website to make it more enticing for you, please feel free to send me an e-mail, so we can make it happen!

07/25/14 - Fetcon 2014!

Hey again guys, just a small update to let you guys know that I will be up at Fetcon (in Tampa, FL) This year with Danii and Bubbles! They are both currently open for paid booking throughout the weekend, so if you have any interest in booking them for a shoot, please shoot me an e-mail or send a message through the contact form and I'll get back to you quickly! Even if you just want to say hi, feel free to stop by and do so! This will be Danii's first year up there, so let's make her feel at home.

Thanks again for all your support, it means a ton, and it will help us get on top and stay there. Cheers!

06/26/14 - Updates to footpunkz.com + New Models!

Hello world! As always, your friendly webmaster has been super friggin' busy, so I haven't had the chance to get on here and give you the updates. Now that I'm back home from touring, I've been improving the site a bit, and making some changes to help streamline you guys' experience. I've taken some time and fixed up the Sole Submissionz section to be much easier to navigate, and now each picture set from each model can be selected individual..so make sure you click it up there at the top of the site and check it out! (unfortunately this only applies to the full version at this time..still working on a mobile site fix!) In addition, I've added a twitter feed to keep you guys updated more often, and testing a few other things out as well.

If you haven't noticed, another thing I want to announce is that we've added 2 wonderful ladies to the footpunkz crew : Marceline and Skylar. Marceline has been around for a few months now, but she definitely still deserves a proper welcome, because that girl is simply amazing. Skylar was just added as a new footpunk earlier this evening, and I promise you that she will keep you guys quite happy! Both these girls are amazing, and I'm very happy to have them as part of the crew. More updates soon, so be on the lookout!

Thank you guys a ton for all the support lately, and if you have any questions/suggestions/comments, please feel free to hit me up via our contact form. 'Till next time!

04/27/14 - New footpunkz shoot material!

Hey everyone! I've been a busy guy this last month, on tour with my band up and down the US. We had a hell of a time, but I won't bore you with the details, because I know why you're here..haha. Soo... good news! I was finally able to gather up some of our lovely footpunkz and get a shoot done with them, so I'll have mucho good content coming from our lovely models Nona, Bubbles, and our newest gal, Delta in the next few weeks. On top of that, as always, I will continue to bring you all the best foot content around! Hope everyone had a good 4/20.. and thanks so much as always for all your support. Enjoy!

2/12/2014 - Special Discount!

I feel for all you guys who are suffering through this crazy weather! On top of that, I know you won't have the opportunity to go out and catch a glimpse of any lovely feet, so we are here to help! You guys are and have always been amazing supporters of the footpunkz crew, and we are eternally grateful. You guys have helped all these models out tremendously, and we want to return the favor. We are running a "Dregs of Winter Discount" and you are able to sign up for 19.95 now and keep it that way for as long as you are a member! Not a bad deal for all these beautiful gals if I do say so myself. So stay warm, stay safe, grab a membership, and have fun!

01/23/14 - Ask a Footpunk!

For those of you who are not familiar with AAFP, its a part of the site where you ask our lovely footpunkz questions, and they respond to them in a video..and its that time again. :) Don't be shy! Christie is very open minded, and was eager to be next on the AAFP list so... Ask away!

12/25/13 - Presents for everyone!

She took some time off, but our first footpunk ever made her return..and in all the best ways. Talk about the best gift ever, right? We love you Sheridan! Make sure you check out her new picture set and video, and I should be posting a few more xmas related sets soon. As always, thank you guys so much for the support, and happy holidays!

11/25/13 - Lots of updates...comin' up!

Hey guys! I was on tour most of the month with my band across the US, and unfortunately I wasn't able to get on the net and update nearly as much as I had intended. In light of that, I will be doing 5 updates this week, so keep an eye out!

If you havent had the opportunity to check out our newest gal Siren yet, make sure you do..because that girl has literally some of the most perfect feet I have EVER seen. Seriously. Check it out.

Back in full force now, and we hope to be giving you some fresh new footpunkz soon, so stay tuned!

9/12/13 - Info, info, info for everyone!

As I know some of you have seen..we have a new addition to the footpunkz crew, and a good one at that! For those of you who have not, please welcome Christie to the fam, and let her know how much you love her! All the feedback you guys send me (if directed toward a model) goes straight to them, and they love to hear it!

In other news..I figured since everyone else loves to do throwback thursdays, I figured why not footpunkz? So, starting today, we will be posting sets that were around when footpunkz first started. We have posted a lot since we began, so I figured this would be a great way for new members to see some of the classic material that sometimes gets lost in the back. I hope you guys dig it!

We'll also be trying to regulate the Sole Submissionz to every Sunday, so you guys will always have a fresh new pair of feet to look at the end of the week. Sound good? Throwback Thursdays..and Sole Submissionz Sundays..yes..sounds good!

I am working on getting a new model or two your way, as well as scheduling another shoot here pretty soon! I've been extremely busy, and our location (Jade's) is no longer available, since she moved. We'll be getting back in the swing of things with the shoots soon. That doesn't halt our awesome sets, though, so in the meantime, enjoy..and as always, thank you guys so much for the support!